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Dojo Updates

Hey everyone,

Here’s our update on the state of the dojo – as more information is released about what we are and are not allowed to do by law, we’re finding some new ways to adapt our programs over long distances. Honestly, that means something different everyday at this point – but here’s what I can tell you I am working on TODAY.

Right now there are two weeks worth of at home classes that will automatically drop into your app under our virtual dojo course in your curriculum tab. Remember when I said the other day that the martial arts industry is full of some of the most gracious people I’ve ever met? Well, these videos are not filmed in our dojo or led by me or Senpai, they’re made by my friend Clayton who lives in Florida. Clayton is a legit Pediatric Ninja Specialist, and has been kind enough to share these videos with us (which mesh perfectly with our age specific curriculum and even follow the same skills) so that parents will have an easier time being a “ninja coach” as he calls them.

We’ll continue running our live classes on Tuesday and Thursdays so we can keep getting our minimum of 2x per week interactive training. These classes will mirror the classes you get in your app, but will have more detailed training from our own curriculum so that we’re focusing on progress toward goals.

Right now, like this second, I’m working with our website provider on an amazing addition to our website, which is a student section. It will be a directory of curriculum, your go to site to join our live classes, listing of additional events, and all sorts of other resources these amazing people are helping me build for you.

So, remember to log into your app, under the appropriate program, to find your at home practice class planners tomorrow – but also be on the lookout for this awesome resource that I honestly probably didn’t do justice describing.

I’ll leave you with one more thing – since this new directory is web based, if you’re able to connect an HDMI cable from your computer, Chromebook, whatever (casting from mobile works too, just requires more streaming and can make the connection testy) … that will drastically improve your at home training experience.

So, that’s where we’re at right now – but lots more to come.

I’ll see you guys on Tuesday!